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Montenegro contains some of the best quality tone wood in Europe. The maple (Acerseudoplatanus) from the Bosnian/Montenegrin region has always been prized as being amongst the highest quality maple available. The great Cremonese violin-makers (including Stradivarius) obtained wood from this region. We hope you will find what you are looking for on this website. But feel free to make personal contact for particular requirements.

European Tonewoods displays and sells its merchandise at international luthier fairs and conventions, and has customers from all over the globe, Europe, North America, New Zealand, etc. The wood we produce is personally bought from the owners of the forest land, obtained and felled with full permission. This is an important part of the supply chain ensuring that we support local Montenegrin landowners and wood suppliers and that all the wood is 100% legally obtained from carefully managed forests.

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