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Montenegro contains some of the best quality tonewood in Europe. The maple (Acerpseudoplatanus) from the Bosnian/Montenegrin region has always been prized as being amongst the highest quality maple available. The great Cremonese violin-makers (including Stradivari) used wood from this region.

We fell logs ourselves; rough mill, air dry, and do the final milling (and kiln drying upon request).

You have the advantage of working directly with us without any middleman.

We have all qualities ranging from good student wood to the finest aged master wood. We cut wood for all instruments and do custom milling. We also supply specialty wood for other industries (including high end hand furniture makers, and custom interior designers).

We specialize in curly maple, alpine spruce, walnut, cherry, and other specialty woods.

Please contact us and we will work with you to meet your needs.


We supply wood for all musical instruments and specialty products:

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